E-Waste Needs More Recycling Effort

Author:Suny Group

The disposal of electronic waste in Viet Nam has been rapidly increasing for several years. However, the current recycling process amounts to preliminary processing and can hardly produce raw materials for re-production, experts have said.

The Ha Noi University of Technology’s Institute of Environmental Science and Technology recently reported that the amount of electronic waste in Viet Nam had been increasing by 100,000 tonnes annually, mainly from household electric appliances, office equipment, such as computers, photo-copiers and fax machines, and faulty electronic products and illegally imported waste equipment.

According to the General Statistics Office, Ha Noi is expected to discard 161,000 TVs, 97,000 PCs, 178,000 refrigerators, 136,000 washing machines and 97,000 air conditioners by 2020.

HCM City, meanwhile, predicts even higher disposal rates, with 700,000 TVs, 290,000 PCs, 424,000 refrigerators, 339,000 washing machines and 330,000 air conditioners.

Dr Dang Thi Kim Chi, chairman of the Science and Technology Council and the Association of Natural and Environmental Protection, said that the waste should be used as a special source for recycling.

However, present work amounts to dismantling, grinding and sorting materials.

“This is only preliminary processing as we have to take metal to foreign countries to refine materials,” she said. “Recycling should produce the final product”.