Aluminum plastic recycling machine open a new business

Author:Suny Group

The development of the economic is quick,the quality of life is change quickly.More and more packing material of our articles for daily use and food are use the aluminum plastic.They are beautiful and clean.But when they are used,they are lost to everywhere.If they can not be recycled maybe the serious pollution to the environment.

The recycle problem is the problem need to be pay more attention to.The waste aluminum plastic Contain enormous business opportunities.At this time,the aluminum plastic recycling machine is the best choose.

The aluminum plastic recycling machine deal with the aluminum plastic products by the Mechanical and physical separation method.First crush the raw material by the crusher and then use the High voltage electrostatic separation equipment to separate the metal and non-metal.Because the Special combination way of the aluminum plastic product.

The method can recycle the aluminum plastic high efficient and high separation rate.At the same time it has a high degree of automation and need only two workers can let the equipment work.The aluminum plastic recycling machine solve the waste aluminum plastic recycling problem,and open the new chapter of the medical blister recycled.