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Treatment process of lithium battery recycling equipment

Time:2020-02-05 11:09 Author:Suny Group

Composition of power lithium battery

The power lithium battery is mainly composed of four parts: the positive electrode, the negative electrode, the electrolyte, and the separator. The positive electrode is the core component of the power battery. Generally, the classification of the power battery is based on the composition of the positive electrode material. The current mainstream cathode materials for power batteries are lithium iron phosphate and ternary materials, which together account for more than 95%. In addition, there are a small part of lithium manganate and lithium cobaltate, accounting for only about 5%. Ternary batteries are more in line with future requirements for battery energy density. In 2017, the installed capacity of ternary power batteries was close to lithium iron phosphate batteries. In the first half of 2018, ternary batteries exceeded lithium iron phosphate. More than 75%, it has become the main lithium battery for new energy vehicles.

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine
Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

Environmental protection recycling technology for environmental protection lithium battery recycling equipment


The lithium battery recycling equipment is to cut the disassembled waste lithium battery anode material into pieces, and then put it into a hammer crusher to hammer the carbon powder and acetylene black powder adhered to the surface of the negative electrode copper foil. Vibration peeling; a sieve plate is set at the lower part of the hammer crusher rotor, and the negative electrode particles smaller than the sieve plate diameter are crushed by hammering and fall into the sieving equipment below through the small holes of the sieve plate; The machine is broken by cyclic hammer vibration until the size is smaller than the sieve plate diameter; the broken particles falling into the screening equipment use the size difference and shape difference between the particles to vibrate through the sieve to achieve hammering and peeling of metallic copper and non-metallic carbon powder and acetylene. Isolation of black powder. Environmentally friendly processing technology for lithium battery recycling equipment: coarse crusher—microparticle crusher—fine powder classifier—cyclone separator—pulse dust collector—high pressure fan, lithium battery crusher, the entire recycling process of industrial recycling has realized industrial automation, high recycling efficiency, processing capacity Strong.



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