Electronic waste circuit board recycling equipment

Author:Suny Group

Circuit board recycling equipment is a physical separation process. This equipment is widely used in the recycling of electronic circuit boards. The equipment uses dry crushing and pulverization, crushes waste circuit boards, circuit boards and other raw materials, and then uses high-voltage electrostatic separators to separate them. , Its high metal recovery rate, environmental protection without secondary pollution. It is an ideal equipment and equipment production line for the treatment of waste electronic waste and waste circuit board metal sorting. In order to improve the recycling rate of waste electronic waste, circuit board recycling equipment can disassemble, crush, crush, and separate daily electronic waste.

Circuit board recycling equipment

Separation and separation processing, circuit board recycling equipment can not only solve the environmental pollution caused by waste electronic waste, but also promote the development of the electronic waste resource recycling industry. Circuit board recycling equipment can effectively recycle used electronic waste, which saves resources and protects the environment.

Environmentally friendly circuit board recycling equipment uses pure physical methods to separate metal and non-metals. It has the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, high yield, time and labor savings. Circuit board recycling equipment separates the waste circuit board separated materials into metal mixed powder and fiber. And resin, in which the metal mixed powder can be directly used or further processed to continue to separate non-ferrous metals, fiber powder and resin powder can be recycled and used, and the impurities after separation can be less than 1%, that is, the separation ** can reach 99%, And it is a complete physical separation, the properties of various materials will not change after separation, and it will not affect the recycling.

E-waste, as a complex of resources, contains many precious resources. The reuse and recycling of e-waste is an important way to solve the problems of resource shortage and environmental pollution. By increasing resource utilization, turning waste into treasure, and giving full play to the role of various waste resources, including electronic waste, it has become one of the ways to support the rapid development of China's economy. Environmentally friendly circuit board recycling equipment has obvious separation effects for various circuit boards, PCBs, and copper-clad boards. Non-ferrous metal resources recycling has great economic benefits, while non-metal resources can be reused, benefiting the country and the people.

Various types of waste circuit boards, substrates, and copper clad laminates are recognized as electronic waste and have great recycling value, because there are more than a dozen metal elements in them, and there are no shortage of rare metals such as gold, silver, copper, platinum, palladium, etc. Can be effectively recovered and reused, no doubt has greater economic benefits than selecting metals from raw ore.