Kentucky County Seeks Paper Recycling Options

Author:Suny Group

Solid waste officials in Frankfort and Franklin County, Ky., are looking for ways to repurpose paper products after the Lexington, Ky., recycling plant abruptly stopped accepting paper.

Right now, the county has no viable option for paper, but The State Journal reports that this is most likely a short-term change as new paper mills are expected to open later this year, which should open the market for recycled paper.

In the meantime, the Frankfort Division of Solid Waste is looking at other facilities to accept its recycled paper.

Frankfort and Franklin County solid waste officials say that both local governments are exploring other ways to repurpose paper products.

Earlier this month, the City of Lexington's recycling plant suddenly stopped accepting paper products from its affiliate partners, which include Frankfort and Franklin County. Lexington said that the change went into effect immediately because outlets that buy recycled materials from Lexington were only taking "limited amounts due to an overabundance of material in domestic markets," a press release said at the time.

Franklin County Solid Waste Coordinator Blair Hecker said that current recycle standards will stay the same for at least the next few months. The county currently has no other financially viable option for paper.