Household Appliances recycling machine zhengyang professional manufacturers

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Household Appliances recycling machine zhengyang professional manufacturers

Household Appliances recycling machine can crush many kinds of wire into powder and separate copper and plastic completely. It works by many machine combination, primary chopper, belt conveyor, secondary chopper, separator, dust collecting blower, air-lock and bag filter. The plastic and copper can be completely separated by the metal screening. The copper which separated by the machine can remain the quality of the original copper, and the plastic can be recycled.

Household Appliances recycling machines

Household Appliances recycling machines Features

(1) the automation degree of the whole line is high, it is easy to operate.

(2) during the process of sorting, PE, PVC and copper are recycled with 99%.

(3) the seperating copper has a purity up to 99.9%

(4) It is semi-permanent machine, only need to change the consumptive or wearing accessaries.

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