Electronic Component and Metal Recycling Equipment Method in Waste Circuit Board

Author:Suny Group

E-waste is increasingly threatening the environment, and discarded iPhones, TVs and laptops are poisoning the planet. The material value of e-waste is as high as 62.5 billion US dollars, which is three times the annual output of silver mines in the world, exceeding the GDP of most countries. E-waste is now the fastest growing waste stream in the world.

In order to make the abandoned resources available for unlimited use, our company's new electronic waste recycling equipment is very beneficial to demonstrate the importance of our equipment in our lives. Due to the long accumulation of waste electronic waste, our environment will be very The big hazard, if it is produced through irregular operation, will cause variation to itself and the surrounding environment, and our recycling configuration will completely meet environmental protection requirements from dismantling to metal recycling, the production line is simple and easy to operate, the investment cost is low, and the equipment performance is good. High recovery rate, pure purity, long service life, continuous cycle operation of the production line, no impact on the separated metal and precious metal, no matter the quality or color of the original metal, Odor, we carry out many advantages such as exhaust gas collection and purification treatment, and solve the drawbacks of the previous recycling.