E-Scrap CEO and Employee Pleads Guilty to Illegal Stockpiling of CRTs

Author:Suny Group

The CEO and another employee of the former Utah-based CRT processor have pleaded guilty in U.S. court. The accused are Anthony Stoddard, CEO of former Stone Castle Recycling and Jamen Wood, an employee of the company, who had been working in tha capacity of project manager. They were alleged for knowingly stockpiling hazardous waste including CRT glasses without necessary permit and for illegal disposal of the same.

The tests conducted by the U.S. Environment Protection Agency (EPA) at the Utah e-scrap processor facility notified of lead levels above permissible limit. The state inspectors, who carried out inspection of the site, observed that the number of CRT glasses kept on increasing on every next visit. Consequently, the Department of Waste Management and Radiation Control issued an order asking for immediate shifting of glasses outside of the facility to indoors. However, the company did not act accordingly. Moreover, it abandoned piles of CRT glasses both inside and outside of the facility, when it vacated the facility the following year.

As per court indictment, Stoddard faces two counts that carry prison sentences of up to five years. Also, Wood was indicted on four counts, which carries up to two years in prison. The U.S. District Court had sentenced Wood to four years of probation, omitting fines and prison period, based on the conclusion that his actions did not result in catastrophic harm. Meantime, Stoddard is scheduled to be sentenced by end-January 2019.