CPIA Honors Winners of 2018 Plastics Industry Leadership Awards

Author:Suny Group

The Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA) announced the prestigious winners of 2018 Plastics Industry Leadership Awards. The awards recognize outstanding individuals and businesses for their commitment and dedication to the growth and sustainability of the Canadian Plastics Industry.

The ‘Leader of the Year’ award was won by Emmie Leung, Founder and CEO, Emterra Group. The award was in recognition of her committed work for over four decades towards waste resource management and recycling across Canada. ‘Young Leader’ awards were given away to three upcoming leaders of plastics industry-Benjamin Scott of Green Mantra Technologies, Philippe St-Cyr of Rootree and Ata Zad of AxiPolymer, for their cutting-edge research and innovative solutions.

There were three recipients for CPIA ‘Sustainability’ Award. The first recipient was the combined group consisting of General Motors, Lavergne Group and Windsor Mold Automotive Components Division. The other winners were Emmerson Packaging and Keurig Canada.

Mike Zhang of ONEhalf20 Inc was adjudged the winner of ‘Innovator’ category for his outstanding contribution to the advancement of the plastics industry. The recipient of the ‘Canplast’ award was Tom Ethans, Executive Director of the non-profit environmental organization, TakePride Winnipeg. The five recipients of the ‘Lifetime Achievement’ award were Paul Boudrias, Jim Ellies, Serge Gelinas, Louis Gouron and Rick Radvany.

The awards were presented during the recently held Awards Dinner Celebration in Vaughan, Ontario.