Advantages of Copper Wire Recycling Machine

Author:Suny Group

Through the understanding of the disposal status of discarded circuit boards and waste wires and cables at home and abroad, Zhengyang Group has initially explored the development prospects of various treatment and disposal methods, and clarified that the dry physical and mechanical method is a kind of resource recycling for waste wire and cable. The method of using, and the automatic breaking technology of the copper wire of the electric circuit cable, the household electric cable and the electric appliance cable of the household appliance and the shredded wire of the waste circuit board are the key technologies realized by the method, and on this basis, the processing of existing waste wire and cable is optimized. 
For the average user, the raw materials of used wire and cable are diversified and constantly changing. It is suitable to select the appropriate shredder machine and separating machine according to the quantity processed, so that flexible and effective electric cable raw materials can be effectively processed, and the following advantages of copper wire recycling machine equipment are introduced:
The copper wire recycling machine has a novel structure, which is combined with dry pulverization and separation into a scientific and ingenious design. It realizes efficient separation of energy saving, high efficiency and environmental protection, and the production process is simplified, saving engineering and labor cost. It is an innovative combination of dry pulverization. In which the material is pulverized and fed by the blower does not require too complicated feeding process and manual consumption, and the purifier realizes the innovative design of “dust-reducing treasure” by dust-free processing, effectively increasing the unit output of the material and realizing the concept of environmentally-friendly income generation is a copper wire recycling machine that is different from any previous form. In addition, the copper wire recycling machine is easy to operate, and can be fed at once. After the crushing process, it is directly discharged to the separation equipment. The automatic feeding device controls the uniform speed of the material to be cut off when the material is being cut to prevent the separation speed from affecting the separation effect. Copper and plastic can be completely separated and used for comprehensive utilization. No dust, no secondary pollution, and high recovery economic benefits, and a high-speed copper plastic recycling treatment.