rubber sports track equipment Features

Author:Suny Group

Rubber sports track equipment Features:

1. All weather suitable: all kinds of seasons and temperature range. rubber running track maintains high quality and it can be used after raining, which increases the time available and using frequency.
2. Perfect knit: special machines for construction ensure different range of thickness and the flatness.
3. Proper flexibility: lacunaria layer, which has the measurable flexibility and bounce to reduce energy consumption and enhance competition achievements.
4. Anti-shock: it has the high flexible layer and cushion layer, which can absorb the driving clashing without obvious damage.
5. Anti-nail: It won’t be destroyed by nail shoes or start running even at the starting point of 100-meter which is most frequently used
6. Viscidity: special constructing structure, it has the strong viscidity, which can prevent the oozing of water, no peeling etc.
7. Perfect appearance: rubber running track can provide various color matches. The special configuration reduces direct sunlight,offers beautiful appearance and it can well protect the environment.
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