2013 CE Certificate HeNan ZhengZhou High Efficiency Copper Scrap Wire Cable Recycling Machine

Author:Suny Group

copper wire recycling machine


1:Waste cable copper wire  recycling machine

adopt three equipment gathered dust removal equipment our company independently research.The dust

removal equipment consist of: Cyclone dust removal,bag dust removal, Air purifier dust removal.efficiently solve the

problem of dust pollution.

2: Scrap Copper Wire Recycline Machine take dry broken, crushing, make waste cable, wire and other raw materials

 through broken as Nonmetal mixture of metal and plastic etc. and then through the separation will metal and plastic

etc. Nonmetal separation.

3: in many units of broken and a release, structure of the complete machine, match with automatic transmission,

sound insulation technology, cooling system, etc, to finish metal and plastic separation recovery work.

4: the equipment has little noise, high yield, strong innovative, etc. This machine is separation of the copper cable

recycling can keep the original copper quality, and can recycle plastic etc, and can generate large economic benefits.

5: this equipment developed crusher, pulverizer, centrifuge equipment.This equipment is innovative. process route is

advanced and reasonable.