99.9% Recycling Copper Wire Crusher and Separator,Copper Wire Recycling Machine

Author:Suny Group

New Generation ZY-600 Copper wire crusher and Granulator Introduction:

Waste copper /cable  wire crusher and Granulator  granulator (also named waste  copper  wire/cable recycling machine) is a

kind of machinery used for recycling waste & scrap copper wire and cables to get copper granulator and plastic, which is

popular in America, Europe, Australia, Canada and other advanced countries.

ZY- 600  Copper wire crusher and Granulator  Machine Features:

1. The material of the waste wire can be telephone wire, household electric wire, automotive wire and cables, diameter

should be within 25 mm.
2. This type of waste cable recycling machine needs no water during the whole process, what you need to do is only to put

the waste wire/cable into the feeding device, the copper and plastic will be separated by vibrating separator. The copper

purity can be 99%.
3. Waste cable recycling machine is overally combined, just needing 1-2 workers to operate, labour-saving and less land

4. We can customize different voltage motor of 220V/380V480V.  We can also customize motor according to your special

5. Send customer a set of cutting blade and screen for free.