Feature of copper cable wire recycling machine

Author:Suny Group

1. Dry type copper cable wire recycling machine: the so-called dry type copper m machine is refers to the sorting process without adding water separation mode of copper m machine. This kind of copper m machine mainly USES the air separator, or air table or electrostatic separation are the method of environmental protection for sorting. The main technological process is: crush - air separation - (electrostatic separation) - dust. (electrostatic separation in the present of copper on rice with less.
2. Wet separation: wet separation is a traditional method. The sorting method thought mainly comes from ore dressing. Wet type mainly is USES gravity wave bed separation. The main technological process is: crushing and (water) - gravity table (water), because in the production process to use water so generally speaking this method on the environment caused by a small amount of secondary pollution, but can effectively recovery mixed wire, plug line and hair silk, etc., using surface is very wide.