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No pollution waste tyre recycling machine

Author:Suny Group

No pollution waste tyre recycling machine,Waste tyre recycling machine is the process of the scrap tire rubber powder is obtained by certain physical treatment process, as we all know, now with the increase of vehicles each year, every year, countless scrap tires can say, if they can be recycled is not only good for our living environment, and also brought huge benefits.

No pollution waste tyre recycling machine can be used to decompose the recycling passenger cars, truck tires, tires and engineering ability range from 500 kg to 500 kg for one hour and 30-120 mesh rubber powder process. The ultimate size of rubber powder is designed by special centrifugal screen, it can allow production of precise size adjustment. Also use a variety of rubber powder system conveying and separation technology to reduce the product loss, maximizing efficiency and maintain a clean operating environment.

No pollution waste tyre recycling machine Features:

1. System design is reasonable, simple maintenance

2. Yield, high recovery rate can reach 99%

3. No waste in the process of production waste water discharge, no harm to the environment

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