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Latest professional automatic waste tyre recycling machine

Author:Suny Group

Latest professional automatic waste tyre recycling machine,Increased tyre seriously threaten our survival environment, and traditional tire recycling methods cannot effectively recycling, our company mainly production and research and development of recycling equipment, based on the characteristics of the tires we formulated the tire powder recovery and tire pyrolysis recycling system two recycling schemes, said today the main tyre powder recovery.

Tire powder recycle is start the automatic waste tyre recycling machine system, dividing the entire tire chopped, tire was isolated and metal, and thus for the secondary utilization process.

Latest professional automatic waste tyre recycling machine Feature:

1. The input is whole tires, after the processing, steel is completely separated and fiber can be separated up to 99% or above. The finish product is high and competitive in the market

2. Unique design, high output and long lifetime blade characterize secondary shredder and fine rubber shredder, which can improve the working efficiency and lower equipment maintenance cost

3. Double- roller  grinder is featured for low energy consuming and high output

4. Reasonable construction, easy operation and low rate of breakdown

5. Environmental-protection, no pollution (no waste gas, no waste residue, no polluted water), meeting the environmental requirement of the government

The above is a simple introduction about the Latest professional automatic waste tyre recycling machine, if you are interested in our products or want to know more can give us a message or contact us.

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