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Environmental equipment waste rubber tire recycling machine

Author:Suny Group

Environmental equipment waste rubber tire recycling machine.Waste rubber tire recycling machine is a complete system of waste tyres recycling can choose tire powders recycling plan way also can choose the way of tire pyrolysis recycling plan, the two ways are the most used is of the highest scheme.

With the development of human civilization, the popularity of cars, led to a large number of scrap tire, but for its recovery is still too little, also didn't get a lot of people attention, with calls for the environmental protection is more and more big, the tyre recycling is also supported by many people.

Tire powders recycling plan

For powder recycling tires mainly by removing wire machine remove the metal, the tire and then by grinding flour, tire powder can be used for a variety of industries, production of rubber runway, sole and so on.

Tire pyrolysis recycling plan

Tire pyrolysis is mainly through pyrolysis device such as tire pyrolysis for oil fuel, the entire process without environmental pollution emissions.

Environmental equipment waste rubber tire recycling machine,With the development of the society, more attention paid to the environmental protection, tyre recycling is also a promising investment, if you are interested in our products or want to know more information you can contact us or leave a message to us.

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