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Waste Processing Prospects

Author:Suny Group

The recycling rate of construction wastes can reach more than 95%. For example, recycled construction wastes are used to make reprocessed bricks, Compared with clay bricks, in order to produce 150 million standard bricks, reprocessed bricks can reduce 240,000 cubic meters of soil, consume more than 40 million tons of construction waste and save land 340 acres of land. In addition, in the process of making bricks, 40,000 tons of fly ash can be consumed, save 15,000 tons of standard coal , reduce 360 tons of SO₂ emissions.

Resources of recycling of Construction wastes not only have tremendous environmental benefits, but also bring enormous economic benefits. If we have 5 billion tons of construction wastes in 2020 and all of them are changed into recycling materials, they can create value more than 1 trillion.