How to choose a shredder according to different plastic materials?

Author:Suny Group

Many customers who buy plastic shredder equipment will fall into a misunderstanding when purchasing equipment, that is, plastic shredder equipment can shred the plastic used. Yes, the new dual-shaft plastic shredder equipment can be used for multi-function production, but it is produced directly on the premise of following the tool changer, not a unit that changes nothing. You may be wondering, isn't the plastic shredder used to shred plastic products? Why change the blades? Because plastics are made of different materials, some are harder and some are thinner. For example, plastic films and plastic pipes are much less rigid and tough. If the same set of blades and the same equipment are used, production will definitely be affected.

In order to let customers and friends better choose plastic shredder equipment, Gongyi Changxin Machinery summarized how to choose different plastic shredder equipment according to different plastic materials to ensure the professionalism of customer investment. Here is a brief introduction:

Rigid polygreen vinyl, polystyrene, plexiglass, phenolic resin, urea-formaldehyde resin, polyester resin is a kind of brittle plastic, brittle and brittle. For this plastic, compression or impact crushing equipment is suitable for crushing.

However, for tough plastics with high ductility at room temperature, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyamine, and ABS plastics, only plastic shredders with a shearing working principle are suitable, because they are generally not subject to external compression and bending. , impact and crack, not easy to break, not suitable for crushing equipment used for brittle plastics. In addition, for elastic materials, soft materials, use a low temperature plastic shredder.

Regarding the investment of plastic shredders, it should also be noted that the finished products produced by plastic shredders are plastic particles, and only primary shredders can be used.