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Recycling techniques of PCB recycling machine?

Time:2018-02-26 18:15 Author:Suny Group

The Pcb recycling machine is a kind of machinery can dimantling waste circuit board and seprated metal and plastic.The Pcb recycling machine for recycling waste circuit board for its high economic benefit ,low energy consumption.

E-waste, in particular waste PCBs, represents a rapidly growing disposal problem worldwide. The vast diversity of highly toxic materials for landfill disposal and the potential of heavy metal vapors and brominated dioxin emissions in the case of incineration render these two waste management technologies inappropriate. Also, the shipment of these toxic wastes to certain areas of the world for eco-unfriendly “recycling” has recently generated a major public outcry.

Consequently, waste PCB recycling should be adopted by the environmental communities as an ultimate goal. This article reviews the recent trends and developments in PCB waste recycling techniques, including both physical and chemical recycling. It is concluded that the physical recycling techniques, which efficiently separate the metallic and nonmetallic fractions of waste PCBs, offer the most promising gateways for the environmentally-benign recycling of this waste.

Moreover, although the reclaimed metallic fraction has gained more attention due to its high value, the application of the nonmetallic fraction has been neglected in most cases. Hence, several proposed applications of this fraction have been comprehensively examined.

PCB recycling machine is kind of machinery used to crush waste pcb circuit board and separate metal and plastic. The pcb recycling machine adopts the advanced physics law recovery processes; purity and separation rate of equipment is the highest in the all of the waste pcb recycling machine.

1. With the circuit board mill mechanical crushing, new technology of high voltage electrostatic separation. After disassemble, crush, dissociative metal and nonmetal material separation, high purity.

2. The key technology is to all kinds of waste circuit board is the special equipment to smash dissociation of organic union, in the process of production to achieve greater energy saving effect, and realize the high metal separation rate.

3. The comprehensive performance is good, the computer board, computer boards, TV board and other circuit board has a unique effect.

4. To reduce power consumption, and no noise, less artificial high automation procedures, improve efficiency, covers an area of less at the same time.