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How safe disposal of electronic waste

Time:2016-03-08 10:10 Author:Suny Group

Electronic waste commonly known as "e-waste." According to the China home appliance association, the calculation is based on the life cycle of the 8-10 years, the Chinese electrical appliances product a year to the theory of sales, refrigerator for 15 million units, air conditioning nearly 10 million sets of 10 million sets of 10 million sets, washing machines, TV sets, computers, nearly 30 million units, the five types of old electrical appliances more than 100 million units a year. At present, the Chinese are moving into computers and appliances discarded peak, how to safely deal with the large number of waste electronic waste, is a problem to be solved.

Electronics recycling is the "double-edged sword", the improper recycling electronic waste of a lot of dangerous and poisonous and harmful substances will enter our survival environment, a serious threat to human health. Informal enterprises usually burning, acid corrosion, etc way for metals such as copper, are discarded, the rest of the "useless" material "this not only waste resource, but also created a" secondary pollution "to the environment.

All in all, solve the problem of electronic waste, must first from the source to reduce the quantity, make every effort to reduce the amount of scrap, followed by increased regeneration utilization, to prohibit pollution environment, take the disposal. Only in this way can reduce the negative impact of the electronic waste, real benefits to the masses of the people.

Hope that more and more young people to carry out the work of e-waste recycling can both can maintain the environment and their own profits, is a very good development direction, our company has years of experience in environmental protection equipment development, at present a variety of useful electronic waste processing equipment, such as circuit board recycling line,cable wire recycling machine, etc., welcome to come to consult.

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