copper granules and plastic separator

Author:Suny Group

Users should know that the copper rice machine is a waste wire and cable processing equipment, mainly for the separation of waste wires and cables from metal and plastic. It is a pollution-free treatment of waste wires and cables through an environmentally friendly way, completely abandoning the old-fashioned separation method The problem of serious environmental pollution. Copper rice machine environmentally friendly treatment of waste electrical cables;, primary crushing, vibration sorting machine, dust removal, secondary crushing (for materials that have not reached the crushed particles), bucket elevator, high-voltage electrostatic sorting equipment, separation is completed. So what is the use value of the copper rice and plastic after the copper rice machine processing?

1. The metal after the separation of waste wires and cables after treatment by the copper rice machine is copper particles. Copper particles can replace electrolytic copper as raw materials to manufacture metallurgical products, copper foil and copper clad laminates and other equipment. The copper rice machine is a new type of regeneration The equipment for resource recovery also effectively solves the current crisis of China's resource scarcity.

2. The plastic separated by the copper rice machine can be extruded to make recycled plastic particles, used to make shoe soles, plastic shoes, etc. or add a part to make cables, and now artificial leather is also useful for PVC, or a mouse, High-tech products such as keyboards, it seems that the plastic separated from waste wires and cables is also very useful.