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Circuit board crushing and recycling equipment injects new impetus into environmental improvement

Time:2020-10-10 12:28 Author:Suny Group

The progress and development of the society has made the widespread popularization and rapid update of electronic products such as waste home appliances, mobile phones, televisions, computers, air conditioners, etc., making electronic waste a social issue that has attracted more and more attention. Circuit board crushing and recycling equipment mainly processes all kinds of waste circuit boards, circuit boards, copper clad laminates, scraps, waste tablets, electronic components, etc.; circuit board crushing and recycling equipment can not only sort and separate metals in various metal wastes, but also target electronic waste The difficulty in the recycling of materials-the recycling of waste printed circuit boards, has also adopted a combined process of crushing-magnetic separation-electrostatic separation to recover and extract metals from waste circuit boards. Circuit board crushing and recycling equipment has injected new impetus into environmental improvement.

Most of the circuit board crushing and recycling equipment is mature in technology and belongs to large-scale industrial production, while the others are mostly small single machines and small batch production. These processing equipment have defects such as high energy consumption, low productivity, incomplete separation after crushing, and large fineness range, which make the efficiency of gravity separation low, and the recovery rate of general metals is below 90%. Due to its high production cost, high labor intensity, and unsatisfactory economic benefits, these process technologies cannot be industrialized. At present, circuit board crushing and recycling equipment is often used. For rare or precious metal parts in waste circuit boards, the method of crushing and separating is adopted, that is, the precious metals are left after other components are removed. There are no "three wastes" in this process, which can ensure that environmental protection measures are not harmful to the environment and workers, and these resources can be used effectively.

The circuit board crushing and recycling equipment crushes the discarded circuit boards to less than 2mm, and then after removing the iron by the magnetic separation method, the high-voltage electrostatic separation technology is used for sorting, so as to achieve the recycling of resources. For example, the electronic components, glass, colloid, stainless steel, copper wire, copper sheet, aluminum, rubber, plastic, various iron contained in the circuit board can directly enter the equipment for separation and sorting without removing, and the metal recovery rate can reach more than 99% . The process is fully automated from feeding to the end of sorting, requiring only 1-2 people to operate. The process is a physical dry separation without heating, incineration, water and chemical raw materials, low cost, high efficiency, and pollution-free normal temperature dry separation. Circuit board shredding and recycling equipment has established guidelines for e-waste recycling, injecting new impetus into environmental improvement, and the e-waste recycling market will also usher in new vitality.