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Extracting Gold from e-waste

Time:2018-10-09 11:48 Author:Suny Group

The raw material of waste circuit boards for refining gold are very rich and extensive. As a raw material for refining gold, the waste circuit boards are inexhaustible. It is understood that the current social security of China's TV sets has reached 350 million units, 130 million refrigerators and 170 million washing machines. Since 2003, there have been at least 5 million TV sets, 4 million refrigerators, and 5 million washing machines in China. Such a huge amount of electronic waste provides sufficient raw materials for the refining of gold, which has enormous economic benefits. Moreover, the update rate of home appliances such as mobile phones and computers is getting faster and faster. On the other hand, with the tightness of gold resources and the increase in the amount of gold used, gold prices have risen steadily.

Features of e-waste refining gold:

1. Waste resources are abundant, and waste electronic waste is everywhere. As long as you contact the waste collection stations around the country, you can immediately have a lot of resources, and the elimination of used electrical appliances will be more and more, and the waste circuit boards will only be more and more, and the resources will never be exhausted.

2. some used mobile phones, computers and other components can pick out gold and silver palladium components, extract precious metals such as gold. In the 1 ton circuit board, about 130 kg of copper, 2 kg of silver, 0.45 kg of gold, and 80 g of palladium can be separated, and the profit is considerable.

3. the process is simple, easy to handle, the content of gold, silver, copper and palladium in electronic waste is several hundred times the original ore grade, the composition is relatively simple, and the recovery cost is low.

4. Less investment and quick results. Recycling used boards does not require equipment. With a few simple tools, you can start with a minimum investment of $500.

E-waste refining gold, e-waste to refine gold, old mobile phones and old computers to refine gold, as an emerging profit-making project, the operation is simple and easy to make money.