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High efficiency waste circuit board separating recycling machine

Time:2015-10-14 11:52 Author:Suny Group

High efficiency waste circuit board separating recycling machine,Circuit board separating recycling machine is combined with the international advanced technology development, is mainly used in the current increasingly recycling electronic waste circuit boards, the machine adopts advanced physical recovery process, such as crusher and the development of high voltage electrostatic separation equipment company's strong innovation, and their process of recycling is advanced and reasonable.

High efficiency waste circuit board separating recycling machine can for recovery processing mechanical crushing all kinds of waste printed circuit boards, computer boards, TV board, aluminum-plastic plate, copper plate, printed circuit board and handling and waste and waste electrical appliances. It provides the spirit of high recovery rate, among them, 99.9% purity.

High efficiency waste circuit board separating recycling machine working principle:

Circuit board separating recycling machine USES the process route, the printed circuit board the mixture of raw materials such as metal and resin fiber powder dry broken and shattered, and then the metal and non-metallic materials, such as resin by high voltage electrostatic separator.

High efficiency waste circuit board separating recycling machine,In order to avoid the problem of pollution, it is also equipped with pulse dust collector, it can work continuously, which can effectively solve the problem of pollution, the indicators meet the national standards.

In current era progress, electronic product update speed, thus leading to a large number of electronic waste products, has been a serious threat to our environment, so the emergence of the circuit board recycling machine solves this problem, is a very good investment projects, if you are interested in our products you can contact us or leave a message to us.

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