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What equipment can be used for better recycling of circuit board and copper clad laminates?

Time:2019-11-27 11:08 Author:Suny Group

In our daily life, we will encounter a lot of electronic waste, the most of which are various waste circuit boards, circuit boards, copper clad boards and other components. If these electronic wastes have been discarded, it will easily cause environmental pollution. Is there a set of equipment that can recycle these waste electronic waste?

The answer is yes. Electronic waste such as circuit boards, copper clad laminates, and circuit boards usually contain a large amount of copper, so you can find ways to recycle and treat the copper inside these waste electronic wastes. This way, you can realize waste resources. Reuse, reduce environmental pollution, and can also obtain certain economic benefits by recycling and processing copper.

Circuit Board Recycling line

Generally speaking, the recycling and reuse of waste circuit boards requires a complete set of recycling treatment equipment. The collected waste circuit boards, circuit boards, and copper clad boards are first crushed and pulverized to obtain powdery substances, and then passed through Air separation and electrostatic separation completely separate the resin powder and copper powder. The current technology can achieve a separation rate of 99.99%, and the materials obtained can be directly sold again.

Because the recycling and reuse of waste circuit boards require certain technology and equipment support, there are not many manufacturers that can completely make a complete set of equipment. As a professional environmental protection equipment manufacturer, SUNY GROUP, after years of research and development and experience accumulation, completely The Circuit Board Recycling line can be manufactured according to the needs of customers. Finally achieve its purpose of recycling.


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