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The Materials Getting Stuck in the Double-Shaft Shredder is not Inevitable

Author:Suny Group

With the coming out of double-shaft shredder, it has been greatly welcomed in the heavy industry for its powerful capability in shredding metal materials, twined plastic materials and other waste materials. However, some users also reflected that the materials would get stuck occasionally in the double-shaft shredder. Today, we (Zhengzhou Zhengyang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd) will share with you how to avoid the occurrence of this situation. 

double-shaft shredder

Double-shaft shredder has been regarded as mufti-functional shredding equipment, which only shows that the double-shaft shredder has a wide range of application, not means that any material can be shredded by using it. For example, some thick metal blocks, some relatively solid materials or some large materials that beyond the maximum shredding size of the shredder are not suitable for the utilization of double-shaft shredder. If the operator compels to shred such materials, it will be very likely to get the material stuck in the shredder, and might severely cause the damage of the shredder. Then, how to avoid this problem?  

Firstly, we should make clear the application range of the double-shaft shredder, and never try to shred those extra-hard materials which beyond the application of the shredder. Secondly, we should note the maximum size of the materials that apply to the shredder, and never put extra-size materials into the shredder. Thirdly, we should operate the double-shaft shredder strictly according to the related operation rules. For those complex materials, it’s better to make a test run of the shredder in advance so as to minimize the getting stuck of the materials. 

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