What is the process of aluminum-plastic crushing, sorting and recycling equipment?

Author:Suny Group

The aluminum-plastic crushing, sorting and recycling equipment adopts the method of physical crushing and electrostatic sorting to separate the aluminum-plastic. First, the tablet is roughly crushed into flakes below 10mm by a knife-cutting crusher, and then enters a high-speed water-cooled turbo mill to finely crush the flakes. A mixture of aluminum and plastic is formed, and the materials that meet the requirements are screened by a rotary vibrating screen to separate aluminum and plastic by the principle of electrostatic separator.

Aluminum-plastic recycling line

The loss of both aluminum and plastic is very low, and the reuse rate of aluminum is close to 99%. The equipment adopts complete dry physical separation, which does not cause secondary environmental pollution and has good social and economic benefits.

Advantages of SUNY GROUP aluminum-plastic separation and recycling equipment aluminum-plastic board and tablet board processing equipment:

1. High automation program, simple operation and stable performance;

2. The separation efficiency of electric separation reaches 99%, and the finished product can be sold directly;

3. No waste water and waste gas discharge, real green sorting, no secondary pollution;

4. Low power consumption, low noise, small footprint and no dust pollution;

5. Wide range of sorting materials and fast sorting speed;

6. The aluminum-plastic sorting and recycling processing equipment adopts water-cooled and air-cooled turbine mills, which can separate the materials more cleanly and adapt to a wider variety of materials.