Why are we choose the new PCB recycling machine?

Author:Suny Group

The methods of the waste PCB recycling are direct landfill,incineration,washed and pyrolysis. But they always product the toxic matter,maybe to cause the secondary pollution to the air or soil.

The best method to recycle the PCB is the physical method in the world.The advantages of the method are low pollution,high comprehensive utilization rate,big added value etc.It is the trend of the waste recycling in the future.The disadvantages of it is the high investment cost.Because of the high toughness of waste circuit boards, and they always the flat shape, it is difficult to separate the metal and nonmetal from the PCB.And the PCB include many kinds of the metal or nonmetal,It is difficult to separate them.Because the characteristics,the waste PCB recycled is a difficult subject.

The old PCB recyling machine always need a lot of the energy,low product rate,drag separation after the crushed and big fineness range.Because these disadvantages of them. We need to product the new PCB recycling machine.If you want to know how to recycle the PCBs with the high effect.