Why Should We Recycle Copper By Recycling of Copper Wire?

Author:Suny Group

Copper has been utilized for the production of many things in our daily life, such as vehicles, heating and cooling systems, telecommunication wires, industrial machinery, and so on. It comes from two sources: extraction and refining of the raw material, as well as recycling of end-of-life products and manufacturing scrap.

Copper recycling has taken place throughout history. With the highest recycling rate of any engineering metal, copper rarely ends up in a landfill since it is too valuable. The copper, no matter how old or new, can be recycled over and over again without any loss in quality. The business of copper recycling is booming, bringing both economic and environmental benefits, which are listed below:

Conservation of Copper Resource

Copper ore is a finite resource. By recycling, we can help to conserve the copper resource.

Energy Saving

Recycling copper requires only 15% of the energy needed for copper extraction. By copper recycling, we can save oil, gas or coal and furthermore, reduce carbon dioxide emission.

Waste Reduction

The landfill sites are running out, so that reducing the amount of waste is an urgent issue. Recycling copper saves the space in the already very full landfills

Saving Cost

Recycling copper is cheaper than to mine and extract new copper, which in turn reduces the cost of copper products, so that producers can count on high margins. While landfill dumping is expensive for waste disposal of any material, recycling can save this cost


During mining and refining of copper, toxic dust and gases such as sulphur dioxide are produced and released into the air, having a harmful effect on the environment. Although copper producers are striving to minimize these effects by certain methods, with recycling there are virtually no harmful gases emitted.

Various copper scrap are collected, dismantled and sorted, and then followed by melting, casting and manufacture into new copper products by brass mills, copper mills and refineries. While the highest grade copper is used for electrical cables for its best electrical conductivity, some may contain trace impurities that negatively impact its properties, however, these scrap can be electrolytically refined back and reused for making the cables. 

Cable wire recycling machine is such a machine that recycling copper by processing auto-wire, communication cable and other mixed copper wire and cable into copper granules and plastic granules. With high automatic degree, it has 99.9% copper recycling rate. It is quite a helpful assistant for large scale of scrap cables processor.