Which Factors Influence the Function of Copper Wire Granulator

Author:Suny Group

We change the world and the world repays us scrap. Then how to deal with them? In copper recycling field, we think of many methods and design many machines, but one shows its difference, that is copper wire granulator.

As the name suggests, copper wire granulator refers to a complete process to separate copper from plastic so as to recycle the valuable copper granule. It has two types: dry-type and wet-type. By comparison, dry-type copper cable granulator is more convenient and ECO-friendly, which consists of crusher, blower, dust collector, vibrator motor, and plastic collector. Undeniably, there are many copper wire granulator manufacturer and the quality of that varies greatly.

Then how to judge whether your copper wire granulator is good? 

First, it is the welding technology. We know that the stability of a machine influence its working performance. In turn, the quality of material and welding technology influence the stability of machine.

Second, it is the crusher. Crush is the first step to recycle copper core in the copper wire scrap. It is important for the following separation that the copper wire has got fine crush.

Without doubt, the most important part is separation device. Some traditional copper wire granulator accepts vibrating device, of which the effect is not so ideal. The copper granules are always mixed with plastic pellet. Our copper wire granulator has made improvement. The separation device adopts airflow separator and Electrostatic separator. The recycling rate can reach 99%.

These factors belong to professional explanation. If you want to know about the function of copper wire granulator, the simplest way is to test machine. Take some copper wire scrap and if the result is accordance with your expectation, there is no necessary to worry about the quality.