What kind of circuit board most gold?

Author:Suny Group

On waste electrical appliance is different, the electrical appliances used in the circuit board is not different,which circuit board have more gold?

Not all circuit boards are able to extract gold, nor all scrap circuit boards are used for extracting gold, gold content of different equipment circuit board is also each are not identical.

1, waste circuit board is the highest value of mobile phone, according to a UN report, a cell phone in the copper, cobalt, silver and metal accounted for 23% of its important. In 1 ton of waste can be isolated in the mobile phone circuit board copper about 130 kg, 2 kg, 0.4 kg of gold and silver 80 grams of palladium.

2, computer motherboard, TV circuit board in the main metal is copper, the thickness is around 30 um, when used for the welding of other metal tin, content is higher, also have a small amount of silver or lead, but the gold content is not high, generally at about 0.05 um.