What is Recycling Methods of Copper Wire Granulator?

Author:Suny Group

Copper Wire Granulator is a kind of machinery can crush copper wire separate copper and plastic. The Copper Wire Granulator is not only changes the traditional way of recycling copper wire( burning copper wire to get copper) to reduce environmental pollution, but also enhance the purity of copper. It adopts PLC full automatic system and can save labor and energy. Recyclers can also get copper and plastic as product so as to get more economic benefit.

What is Recycling Methods of Copper Wire Granulator

Advantages of Copper Wire Granulator:

1. Equipped with PCL control system and air separation;

2. Reliable operation, low noise and large handling capacity;

3. Double crushing process improves the copper recycling purity;

4. Recycling 99.99% copper from scrap copper wires or cables;

5. Independent conveyor to delivery mixture of copper and plastic, making the whole working plant more stable;

6. The blade of the crusher can be removed to be sharpen;

7. When processing the waste copper wires, it produces no dust, no environmental pollution;

8.We can also customize motor of diferent voltages according to your special requirments