Waste metal can crushing machine

Author:Suny Group

 Due to the urgent market needs of Waste metal can crushing machine, we(Zhengzhou Zhengyang Machinery Co., Ltd.)manufacture this new type, high efficiency, low consumption and environmental friendly crusher, which is designed by absorbing the world advanced technology and practical applications.

 This Waste metal can crushing machine is mainly used in recycling waste resources field, such as waste metal recycling company, waste recycling bin, steel works, etc. It can crush waste bike, motor, computer hard disk, main board, tin drum, pop can, beer bottle cap, etc.

 Waste metal can crushing machine,The motor drives the rotor to rotate at a very high speed, and on the rotor there are series of hammers and scraper cutters which can crush different materials in high crushing ratio. With the help or scraper cutters, prolong hammers working life. When the materials are fed into its crushing chamber, and they will be crushed immediately by the rotating hammers and scraper cutters at high rotation speed. On the bottom of the chamber,there is metal screen of adjustable size to discharge different size particles.

 More than just simple introduced the term "Waste metal can crushing machine" and the main function of the basic working principle, if interested in our products you can contact us or leave a message with us, we will contact you the first time.

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