Waste tires is treasure if to properly handle

Author:Suny Group

According to statistics, in 2014, only China's tire production more than 562 million, and discharge waste tires is about 10 million tons, and rising at an annual rate of 5% ~ 5%. A large number of accumulation of waste tires not only cannot automatically degradation, land resources, there is fire, breeding ground for mosquitoes and other risks. How to correctly deal with these waste tyres has become a problem.

In fact, waste tires is not useless, also the whole is treasure: rubber mixtures containing up to nearly 60%. As long as the tire into rubber powder, then not only can solve the problem of waste tires stacked, also brings economic benefits.

What areas can use tire rubber powder?Scrap tire rubber powder can be used for modified asphalt, waterproofing materials, modified coatings, railway sleeper, rubber bricks, machine cushion, bed cushion, cushion and other kinds of gasket and fender, sound-absorbing materials, highway sealing paste, shoes materials, carpet pad, tire inner pad, car body bottom seal, waterproof ring, rubber miscellaneous pieces, etc.

For tire into rubber powder, through our tire recycling line can be realized, no pollution emission during production, the real environmental protection equipment.