The epa action to deal with the old iPhone and other electronic waste

Author:Suny Group

According to the ABC website reported that old batteries, cell phone and notebook computer is easy to pile up, office into electronic garbage dump. The United States environmental protection agency announced the recovery of mobile equipment and its accessories and other electronic waste resource assessment of the data obtained.

The United States environmental protection agency said on the website, every 1 million mobile equipment, recycling can be refined out of about 16000 kilograms of copper 34 kg, 350 kg of silver, gold and 15 kilograms of palladium. Recovery of 1 million laptops can save a lot of electricity, the electricity enough 3500 U.S. households use 1 year.

In addition, the United States environmental protection agency also introduces the processing methods and steps of electronic waste:

1. Before recycling

In order to ensure safety, the first thing you should confirm that all personal information have been deleted from the device. Old cell phones, for example, the best way is to restore factory Settings, it can erase all your data. The epa proposed to scrap mobile phone batteries, respectively.

2. The iPhone and other apple products

Apple has its own recycling program Apple Renew, consumers can be discarded Apple products to shop. Users can print online prepaid mailing label, will send apple recycling discarded equipment. The device, the iPhone 4 and Mac since 2007, according to its state for different gift card.

3. The old iPhone be handled

Apple unveiled its new robot Liam in March, it can remove a year 120000 iphones, extract can once again use the different components. In addition, Liam can also be extracted from the iPhone battery cobalt and lithium metal, such as extraction of gold and copper from the camera, extracting silver and platinum from the main logic board.

4. Other smartphone

Many smartphone manufacturers and operators offer email or in-store recycling options. Samsung and LG allows users to use E-mail to send recycling equipment, Sprint, Verizon and t-mobile operators offer different recycling program, the simplest is to old equipment into the store.

5. The battery

Many non rechargeable batteries contain reusable materials, including zinc, manganese, steel, etc. Rechargeable batteries also has such as lead, plastic and metal materials can be used again. North American battery recycling project Call2Recycle can provide quick search tool, shows the location of the recycling batteries in your area.