Ten of the waste computer can do a gold ring

Author:Suny Group

Electronic waste in the shell contains the metals such as aluminum, iron, copper is contained in circuit board, wire and cable, the refinement can be recycled. And all the electronic waste, the most valuable is the old computer.

According to introducing, gold production is limited, so the extracting gold from electronic waste has become the important renewable resources industry. Old computer, CPU and memory chips contain gold components, a used computer can produce 0.2 gram of gold, extrapolate that ten of the old computer recycling gold can make a gold ring. Professional introduction, the old computer can extract 300 grams of gold per ton, each year the amount of the waste computer to refine gold has more than gold mines.

Computer upgrade cycle is short, taking nanjing city as an example, a day can produce 2000 old computer, precious metals recycling market potential is tremendous. To extract gold from the old computer must go through the extraction of professional program, through the analysis of chemical extraction, and some of the informal channels by burning, acid soak extract, environmental damage is very big, can lead to soil and groundwater pollution.

Because the company focus on environmental protection equipment, for the precious metal recycling research and development production of the precious metal recycling machine, can effectively extract the precious metals, and the purity of 99%.