Superiority of Zhengyang Machinery PCB Recycling Machine

Author:Suny Group

We are deal with the continuously produce electronic waste in the Burning or burying method,It is serious pollute the environment.It is not benefit to the sustainable development of the world.

With the rapid growth of electronic waste,face the electronic waste mountain,People change the gradually began to change the ideas and thinking, turn the garbage processing to the environmental protection, industrialization, , automatic processing equipment.They choose the PCB recycling machine because the superior performance of circuit board recycling equipment mainly displays in:

1, Changed the traditional dismantling method,Use the dry physical method to separate the metal and non-metal.

2,No water and chemical composition used;

3,Automation control and triad dust removal device for the production process, reduces the labor intensity and environmental pollution;

4,Achieve the assembly line to the large quantities of electronic waste, application of large-scale development.

These advantages of circuit board recycling equipment opened a new idea for recycling circuit boards, Zhengyang machinery will continue to research,development and innovation the green environmental protection equipment,the green environmental protection circuit board recycling equipment do better, stronger and more market competitiveness.