Can I Recycle Toothpaste Tubes by Aluminum-Plastic Recycling Line

Author:Suny Group

Toothpaste tube is formed by a lot of aluminum-plastic composite materials, and it is mainly the packing of the toothpaste and cosmetic cream, which is a kind of flexible packaging for aluminium. As the nature of toothpaste tube plastic is pure PE material with low melting point. If use normal temperature crushing from aluminum and plastic, plastic melts easily, and the yield is low.

Recycle Toothpaste Tubes by Aluminum-Plastic Recycling Line

Aluminum-Plastic Recycling Line can completely accomplish dry physical separation, prevent causing secondary pollution of the environment, and even has good social and economic benefits. It also can be widely applied to various fields, including medicine plate, medical blister, candy packaging, milk bags etc. of the white trash.

Besides toothpaste tube, the aluminium plastic separating machine is applicable to separate metals from various kinds of metal and nonmetal material: medicine blister, aluminum plastic composite board, etc.

Features and Advantages:

1.The automation degree of the whole toothpaste tube recycling production line is high, easy to operate.

2.During the sorting process, PE, PVC and copper are recycled up to 99%

3.Just need 1-2 workers to operate, save labor, with low investment

4. Environment friendly and energy saving

5.Aluminium plastic recycling machine can use completely dry physical separation, without secondary pollution of the environment, also gets good social and economic benefits