The Prospect of Cable Wire Granulating Machine

Author:Suny Group

 Copper recycling is the process of remanufacturing used or waste products into new valuable materials. Here are some reasons why copper recycling is important. Firstly, copper recycling is a good way to preserve limited natural resources.Secondly, copper recycling is a good way to make extra profit and reduce unnecessary cost . Last but not least, copper recycling is a good way to reduce pollution to our earth.

Why do we need Cable Wire Granulating Machine?

Copper Wire Granulator is suitable for processing all kinds of cables including waste auto circuit wire lines and waste communication cables and the cables that cannot be processed by wire-stripping machine. The cables can be crushed and separated by this machine with high voltage static electricity. Fote copper wire recycling machine can completely separate copper and plastic and realize comprehensive utilization, so that it has high economic benefits and no dust or secondary pollution.

The Current International Situation of Copper Scrap Recycling 

The overall characteristics of the global Copper scrap trade are that exports from the developed countries, to Germany, Japan and other industrial production countries, but in America and Europe as well as some other important features. In America, the United States is one of the important transit countries in copper scrap trade. Canada, Mexico and Chile are the main supplier of copper scrap of America. 

As for export situation in 2006, for example, more than half of the copper scrap in these countries are exported to the United States. As the world's biggest exporter of copper scrap, a large share of US Imported from these three countries copper scrap is to export to other countries. 

Germany and Belgium are the main destination for copper scrap export to other European countries. On the one hand, the industrial production of the two countries need a lot of copper scrap, on the other hand, the two countries exports to other countries such as China a large number of copper scrap.

In addition, copper scrap recycling is affected by many factors, especially the absolute level of copper price. High copper prices can greatly improve the enthusiasm of social copper scrap recycling and can improve the overall recovery of copper scrap to a certain extent. And as the whole society's attention to the economic sustainable development, the recycle of resources is paid attention to the government and the social from all walks of life, all which can help improve the recovery rate of copper scrap and our scrap of copper scrap on the whole.

Four Methods to Recycle Copper Wire

There are mainly four methods to recycle copper wire, that is, freezing method, chemical method, thermal decomposition and mechanical separation. The first method makes use of extremely low temperature to let the insulation drop off. This method is suitable for various kinds of wires, yet the condition is not so easily realized. As for chemical method, how to deal with the used solvent is a big problem.

Thermal decomposition and mechanical separation are two kinds of widely-used methods. The advantage of thermal decomposition is providing copper granule of extremely high purity. Those copper granule got by the most advanced technology even can be put into the manufacturer of copper wire. Of course, its requirements for the control of doubles of index and equipment are very strict. For common enterprises, it is too complex and expensive.

Compared with thermal decomposition, mechanical separation also has high recycling rate. At the same time, it owns some incomparable qualities. First, since it takes advantage of mechanical force, the operation is relatively simple and won’t cause second pollution. Then, the cost of purchasing machine like cable wire recycling machine and wire stripping machine is lower than other equipments. As a whole, mechanical separation is of high recycling effect, simple and safe operation, little need for labor and low cost, so it is very suitable for small business.