Make electronic waste from the waste into treasure

Author:Suny Group

If not see, you can't believe that an old TV set through the line removal, will be 3.5 kg, 1.4 kg plastic iron and aluminum, 0.1 kg and use these renewable resources can be re-engineering 17 plastic storage box, 9 cans, 600 grams of copper bar and 1.4 kg dumbbell.

Where "junk" everyone has been a headache, garbage collection also has been carried out how to effectively handle the ultimate test of garbage classification. Electronic waste, in particular, for many families, is no place to put, also dare not throw "white elephants". Non-standard processing of acidic waste water produced electronic components make the soil acidification, polluted water, enrichment of heavy metals caused by the human body, poisoning, direct injury of central and cranial nerve system, blood system.

For the recycling of electronic waste is an effective method in the current collection of precious metals, not only to reduce the environmental burden also has great economic benefits.