How to recover the waste PCB board?

Author:Suny Group

How to recover the waste PCB board? At present, the main way of recycled waste circuit board is the method of physical crushing and separation, Zhengyang Machinery circuit board recycling machine can complete the recovery task.


Circuit board recycling machine final product

Circuit board recycling machine adopts advanced high voltage electrostatic separation technology, the recovery rate is high, the purity of metal recovery is as high as 98%, the processing capacity, purity and separation rate of equipment is the highest in the all of the Circuit board recycling process machine.

Circuit board recycling machine working process


Circuit board recycling machine working process

Circuit board recycling machine adopts physical recycling method, first of all, the waste circuit board become mixed powder (metal powder and resin fiber powder); And then through the air separation equipment and electrostatic separation equipment to separate metal powder and resin fiber powder. To prevent dust pollution in the process of production, Add pulse duster after the air separation process, can effectively solve the dust pollution problem.

Circuit board recycling machine main feature

1. Circuit board recycling process machine adopts physical recycling method;

2. Processing ability strong, can handle a ton of circuit boards per hour, and low energy consumption, high separation rate;

3. The comprehensive performance is good, the computer board, computer boards, TV board and other circuit board can be recycled.

4. Low noise, high automation procedures, high efficiency, less land occupation;

5. No pollution, using pulse duster, well-knit structure, less land occupation, convenient installation;