How to deal with waste tires in each country

Author:Suny Group

According to statistics, at present the backlog of global auto waste tyre has amounted to 3 billion, a year is growing at a rate of 1 billion. The accumulation of a large number of waste tires not only takes up land, environmental pollution, harm residents' health, this is a kind of harm more and more "black pollution", so, how to deal with the waste tyre? We look at how to deal with waste tires in various countries.


How to deal with waste tires in each country

In the United States, Japan and many European countries, there are many cement plants, power plants, paper mills, steel mills, such as old tires are use for fuel, its effect is very good, not only reduces the production cost, and cure the environmental problems caused by waste tires.

One way is through the prototype system will waste tire bead and separation, then according to the need to tire body cut into different size of the strip, using the strip network woven elastic, collision block wall, mat, etc., used in construction and blasting construction site slungshot falling objects, and protection of the dock, temporary pavement reinforcement.

In addition, intercept down from the scrap tire bead, can also be processed into sewage pipe. French technicians will waste tires into symmetrical two and a half, and then 20 degrees tilt lay flat, to facilitate drainage, to cover the wall with metal grille as fire protection plate, it's built green sound attenuation and sound-absorbing wall excellent results.

Ukraine scientists will tire of rubber and metal separation. After the separation of rubber and tire steel wire to keep the original features and functions, can again to produce tyres. In addition, using this method has shortened processing cycle of waste tires.