How to Recycle Medication Blister Into Aluminum and Plastics

Author:Suny Group

Since time immemorial, there has been the need to recycle medicinal blister waste and realize a dump free environment. Thus, the forging of the medical board recycling plants was the ideal solution to realizing this goal.

For medicinal blister, our aluminum-plastic recycling line can be used to recycled with no pollution. Our plant works based on the physical mechanical crushing, grinding, Electrostatic separating principle, ensuring that there is maximum efficiency at a minimum effort. Here, you will find all you need to know about our impeccable blister pack recycling machine and start making blister packages reusable once again.


1. Our aluminum-plastic recycling line will work with minimal power, maximum efficiency, no pollution, minimal supervision and diversity.

2. Highly automatic, touch screen man-machine interface, it is utterly user friendly in terms of ease of understanding, retention of learning, real world metaphors to aid operation and timely response with no bugs.

3. Portability oriented technology. Our medicinal blister recycling machine spans a very small area of operation compared to other products. This makes it mobile, lightweight and economical in terms of power, space and packaging.