How To Dispose of Waste Toothpaste Tubes?

Author:Suny Group

Toothpaste tubes recyclable, why? Due to lots of toothpaste tubes are use Aluminum-plastic, and aluminum is completely recyclable by Aluminum-plastic recycling machine.

How To Dispose of Waste Toothpaste Tubes?

Aluminum-plastic recycling machine is the ideal equipment to recycle Waste Toothpaste Tubes into Aluminumits powder and plastic powder.Firstly, by hook the car send a lot of materials into crusher, repass secondary crushing and tertiary grinding powder decomposition, and then through the sieve after the decomposition of the finished material through high voltage electrostatic separator one-time separation, separation of plastic and aluminum.

Recycling toothpaste tube as following:

toothpaste tube crushing machine–grinding machine– electrostatic separator– pulse dust collector – aluminium and plastic (PE, PVC) powder.