How to Recycling Aluminum Plastic Tube?

Author:Suny Group

Aluminum plastic tube is aluminous model multiple tube, general aluminum is among, both inside and outside layer is plastic.Mainly used for water pipe and solar tube, tube is divided into cold water and hot water pipe.General for PE plastic and PPR, imported and PVC plastic substrates.The content of aluminum in 20-30%. Every year there are a large number of scrap aluminum tube, with homebred aluminous model canal, the society and factories, import waste aluminum-plastic pipe materials, imported waste aluminum-plastic pipe is generally neat clean uniform.

1, The market recovery waste aluminous model multiple tube of classification, such as the color is different, the properties of plastic.

2, According to the color can be divided into white, red, black, grey (filling), etc., if the quantity is big, can be classified.Separate is best, white white plastic relatively high value.

3, According to the nature of plastic, can be divided into PE aluminum pipe, PEX pipe for aluminium (also called crosslinking or high temperature pipe, plastic wire drawing, market prices are relatively low), PPR aluminum tube, also called the steady-state tube, hard plastic, usually white or grey two pipe, outer PPR, inner PE, have both inside and outside layers are all a hotchpotch of PPR (steady state).This several aluminum-plastic tube can not mix broken apart, can affect the plastic recycling value.

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