Electronic waste is becoming one of the world's largest source of rubbish

Author:Suny Group

Electronic waste is becoming one of the world's largest source of rubbish. China and the United States of electronic waste a third of the world total. If not properly handle and recovery of electronic waste, humans and the environment will have been exposed to the air in the electronic waste release carcinogens and toxic fumes.

The rapid development of science and technology make people produce highly rely on it. Now, people are more inclined to let the old electronic equipment upgrading, which makes more and more electronic waste from all over the world. With rapid economic growth, China's economy more and more people use electronic products, electronic products, iterative rapidly, produce large amounts of electronic waste. The media predicts that by 2017, China will surpass the United States as the world's largest producer of electronic waste.

Hundreds of thousands of electronic products will eventually be regarded as landfill or burned. However, this will make harmful substances into groundwater, soil pollution, affect human health. Illegal acquisition of electronic waste caused lots of pollution to the environment. Some cities in China, no health, no safe way to handle it, on the one hand, make the workers exposed to toxic and harmful substances in front, on the other hand also pollute the air and groundwater.

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