Electronic waste is also the treasure

Author:Suny Group

The current electronic products have become indispensable items in our life, our hands of electronic products, as we use, it has been aging, Will become electronic waste when electronic product to be eliminated. With the development of science and technology and electronic the competition, electronic waste is already the world's fastest-growing waste.

Electronic waste is also the treasure

According to a report by the United Nations in 2014, the world can produce about 4000 tons of e-waste per hour. These mountains of e-waste are mostly concentrated in the third world countries, such as: China, India, Nigeria, at present there are many non-standard processing of electronic waste, cause great environmental pollution, it has become a global problem.

Electronic waste should be handled? Around 20% of electronic waste after maintenance upgrade can be used for sales, the rest should be sent to formal dismantling plant extract precious metals materials, Precious metal materials can be reused.