China 1/20 of gold from electronic waste

Author:Suny Group

Research has shown that a ton of circuit is a ton of gold ore of 40 to 800 times. In addition to gold, waste electric and electronic containing silver, copper, palladium and other precious metals, precious resources is more valuable than ore. Circuit board can be extracted gold 300 grams per ton, platinum 5 to 10 grams, 30 to 50 grams of palladium, silver and 2 kg, 25 kg of copper tin and from 120 to 130 kg.

China 1/20 of gold from electronic waste

Learned, electronic waste, carcinogenic heavy metals such as lead, mercury can cause mutations, pollutants directly throw away a lot of informal manufacturers, seriously affected the surrounding living environment, which brings the problems such as water undrinkable.

For this kind of problem, it is recommended that recyclers adopt regular treatment, discarded waste water treatment, do not only protect the environment, and obtained the huge gains.