Automatic tyre recycling pyrolysis plant

Author:Suny Group

 Automatic tyre recycling pyrolysis plant adopts low temperature pyrolysis technology under normal pressure. Can be separate automatic fuel pyrolysis device, scrap metal, carbon black, etc.

 Automatic tyre recycling pyrolysis plant features:

 1. Throughout the day to run automatically, easy installation, small size, output and two to three times more than other similar products, the output of oil is of high quality.

 2. Pyrolysis gas production can purify gas, heating system, no external energy.

 3. Flue gas purification system, strong adsorption capacity, adsorption and desorption speed, meet the emission standards emissions in the developed countries. Environment is superior performance, and good social benefit and economic benefit.

 Above is a Automatic tyre recycling pyrolysis plant of simple introduction, the tire recycling pyrolysis plant market prospects, is a very good investment projects, if you are interested in our products can contact us.

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